It’s been an awesome 2017. Here are highlights of my year!

December 25, 2017


It’s Been An Awesome 2017. Here are highlights of my year.

My Life

Today is Christmas. Merry Christmas to everyone. I took some time off to reflect on my year and look at how to make next year better.

Overall, it has been a thrilling and a fantastic year by the grace of God and I am grateful for all of God’s blessings this year.

I will just share a few highlights of the good stuff of my year in review.

As a person..

1. I grew more as a Christian spoke to a lot of people about Jesus Christ, became a role model/mentor/shepherd to other young people and supported the work of God in a lot of ways.

2. I finally figured out what I wanted to do and which direction my life would take.

3. I improved exponentially in all aspects of my life: I became a better-embedded systems engineer, better software developer, a better entrepreneur, better blogger and I developed good critical thinking skills.

4. I came to appreciate the importance of family, friendships and relationships and the importance of happiness and fulfilment.

5. I met a lot of amazing people and grew my network.

As an entrepreneur. ..

6. My startup, Invent Electronics grew bigger and made 5 times more revenue compared to 2016. (I am still not a millionaire yet though)

7. My startup, Wires & Bytes won MTN apps challenge, finally launched Pasco and started generating revenue.

8. I worked on two engineering research projects which were very successful and are going commercial now and I appeared on National television because of them.

9. I finally built a new personal website and published lots of great stuff including 2 ebooks. I also launched a pilot business consultancy project which went well.

10. I helped run a successful Project iSWEST Bootcamp and sparked up the spirit of innovation in several of the young people I met.

There have been a lot of downs too but overall it’s been a good year and I can’t wait for next year.

Merry Christmas!



My name is Isaac Sesi. I am an award-winning entrepreneur, front-end developer and embedded systems engineer. I started my first company, Invent Electronics in my second year in college and have co-founded 3 other companies since.
Read more about me 


My name is Isaac Sesi. I started my first company, Invent Electronics in my second year in university and I’ve co-founded 3 startups since.

Along the line, I have learnt a great deal and I want to share everything I know with you to help you build your dream business too. Read more 

My Recommended Resources

Here are my most useful tools and services which I recommend to help you achieve your goals.

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Businesses I Am Building

Invent Electronics An Online electronics components retail store

Wires & Bytes A Software development startup

Nova Agrisystems A Tech inclined Agric Company

Nsesa Foundation A tech inclined Social Entreprise A creative writing blog

Sesi Consult A digital and business consultancy

Businesses I Am Building

Sesi Technologies An Ag-tech hardware startup manufacturing affordable technology for the Agric sector

Invent Electronics The premier electronics components retail store in Ghana

Gravy CodeA Web design agency providing web design solutions for brands, individuals and small businesses

Apreneur Consult A business consultancy for startup entrepreneurs in Africa.


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