About Isaac Sesi

Hello again,

My name is Isaac Sesi. I am a 27-year-old entrepreneur and innovator recognized by the MIT Technology Review as one of the world’s top innovators under 35.

I lead a team of passionate change-makers where we are building the next generation of technologies to secure the world’s food systems. 

Through the insights and resources I share on this platform I seek to inspire an upcoming generation of young entrepreneurs and innovators with my journey and help them find the path to success and impact as they go along their own journeys. 

Early Life

I grew up in Accra, Ghana. I was the first of several kids. I grew up like a regular Ghanaian kid until I was 11. Then my dad lost his job.

Things got tough real quick and I went to bed hungry quite regularly.

At 11, I suddenly found myself in a situation where I had to contribute to helping the family generate income for basic necessities like food.

I took up the challenge!

My first business was making and selling homemade snacks to neighbourhood kids. 

My second business was running a communication centre where people would make calls and pay by the minute.

High School – Mfantsipim School

In high school, I run a drawing sheet business where I retailed drawing sheets to technical drawing students.

One day in high school, my friend, Nehemiah, found an ad in a newspaper where we could get flash drives and external hard disks to buy for really cheap (by 2009 standards).

Flash drives and hard disks were in demand back then. So we decided to buy them and resell to our mates in school.

We printed posters and took pre-orders. We financed the first batch of inventory through monies we collected from pre-orders.

We retailed at high margins without committing any money ourselves.

After the first few sales, people heard about us. We got more orders. We were in business. We decided we needed a name. After a bit of brainstorming, we settled on the name Macrovisions.

If you’re wondering whether these businesses were profitable, well, let’s just say they were successful enough that I was able to take care of a large part of my feeding, books, upkeep and several other high school expenses.

The hardships I had to endure growing up and the joy I found in solving problems for profit birthed in me a strong passion to start my own company.

Before I left high school, I already knew what I wanted to be – an entrepreneur!

University – Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

After taking a gap year to teach in an elementary school to save money for university, I got accepted to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in 2012.

At this point, I was already pretty good at electronics, having honed my skills in high school and built several projects with my friend, George.

Right from my first year, I became a consultant for electronics projects, working with both students and faculty on different embedded systems projects. 

As an engineering student, I discovered how difficult it was to source electronic components for our projects so in my 3rd year I founded Invent Electronics

My Professional Life

2014 – Invent Electronics

Invent Electronics made it possible for anyone to order electronics components, pay online and have their order delivered to their doorstep – something remarkable at the time giving that online payment in Ghana was quite new at the time.

After my frustrations trying to get someone to build the website, I learnt how to code and I singlehandedly built the website.

Invent Electronics went on to win the KNUST Business Development Challenge in 2015.

It still remains one of the biggest online electronics companies retail companies in Ghana.

2015 – Wires & Bytes

In 2015, myself, my roommate, Peter, and two of our friends founded Wires & Bytes, a software development company. 

Our flagship app, Pasco, made it easy for students in our university to access past questions and answers on their phones.

Pasco was very successful and in 2017, we won the Gold Prize in the Education category of the MTN Apps Challenge 4.0

After school, however, we all found other interests and decided that it was best to shut down Wires & Bytes but continue to work on Pasco as a hobby, something we still do till today.

2016 – 2eweboys.com

In 2016, 2 friends (Michael, Leslie) and I came together to put our writing passion to good use.

We founded 2eweboys.com, a creative writing platform.

In the same year, we won the Ghana Blogging and Social Media Award for the Best New Blog Category.

2eweboys.com remains one of the top creative writing blogs in Ghana and regularly organizes events that bring together members of the creative writing community.

2017 till now – Sesi Technologies

In 2017, I led a team as a research engineer at the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems engineering to locally assemble a grain moisture meter as part of a USAID funded research project.

Our work was so successful that we decided to commercialize the project. In 2018, Sesi Technologies and GrainMate were born. 

Since then, I have grown to become very passionate about developing innovative solutions to solve pressing challenges within the world’s food systems, with a focus on Africa.

This mission is what I am currently committed to on a fulltime basis.

Through Sesi Technologies, I am working to create and live in a world where poverty and hunger do not exist.

International Recognition

I have received a lot of international recognition for my work. Altogether, my startups have won more than 6 international awards

I have been named one of the worlds top innovators under the age of 35 by the MIT Technology Review and I have been featured by many prestigious publications including Spore Magazine, Feed the Future, Royal Academy of Engineering, Citi Business News, Feed The Future, Humans of New YorkDisrupt Africa among others. 

As an international speaker, I have addressed hundreds of students, researchers and professors in several leading universities across the world.

My work has been seen by many prominent people including heads of states.

My Passion for STEM

I am very passionate about helping young Africans develop skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

My friends and I run Nsesa Foundation, a non profit we founded in 2013 to spur an “Innovation Revolution in Africa by equipping young people with skills in STEM and we run 3 projects every year aimed at achieving that vision.

Over 1000 young Africans have participated in our projects with many of them receiving full scholarships from us.

Our STEM WOW stories, which celebrates women achieving remarkable feats in the field of STEM have reached over 300,000 people globally.

Personal life

I currently live and work in Kumasi, Ghana. In my free time, I love playing the piano, writing code, working on engineering projects and blogging. 

What About You?

Maybe you are an upcoming entrepreneur,  innovator or you’re just passionate about getting to your next level.

You are inspired by my story and you’re wondering “How do I get here too?

That’s a good question. Fewer things make me happier than helping other people succeed. Here’s what you can do.

First, reach out to me, let me hear from you you. Let’s talk about your journey and how I can help you achieve your goals.

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If there’s anything I want you to take away from my story, it is the following: that no matter your circumstances and the challenges you face, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Whatever your dreams are, with commitment and hard work, they can become your reality. No matter where you  are now, it is not too late to chase those dreams.

You can start today!

Thank you!


“Whatever your dreams are, with commitment and hard work, they can become your reality. Wherever you are now, it is not too late to chase those dreams”.