Episode 3 – How Gifty Boatemaa Annan Is Using Her Gift To Build Her Business

August 18, 2018


About Today’s Guest

Gifty Boatemaa Annan is the CEO of Wordsmith Global Consult, which runs the Wordsmith Global Masterclass, an incubator for the next generation of World Class Speakers. She is also an Executive at Westlion, a leading multi-national deals facilitation and business intelligence company.

Wordsmith Global Consult provides expert advice on Personal / Professional development, Entrepreneurship and Public Speaking.

Gifty shares with us how she turned her gift of speaking into a business and how entrepreneurs can leverage public speaking to their advantage.

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What We Discuss In This Episode

  • [2:20] Gifty talks about herself, her background and what she is doing currently including the publishing her own book.
  • [3:03]  Gifty talks about her motivation behind starting Wordsmith Global Masterclass to teach people public speaking. She shares her experience with rude receptionists who lacked good speaking skills and how it motivated her to teach people how to be better representations of themselves.
  • [6:37]  Gifty shares her thoughts on why entrepreneurs should take public speaking seriously.
  • [9:03]  Gifty shares her advice with entrepreneurs who naturally shy away from engaging in communication and public speaking.
  • [13:21] Gifty shares how being able to speak well has brought her numerous opportunities and helped her company generate lots of revenue and land new clients.
  • [15:20] Gifty talks about her events and her current tour dubbed The Future of Work and Employment in Africa which is happening soon and how entrepreneurs, students, business owners and other professionals can take partake in it.

Key Takeaways

  • Public speaking is an important skill that every entrepreneur has to master. You will have to communicate your ideas to employees, pitch to investors, talk to clients and this makes public speaking skills very essential.
  • Being able to speak well will help you make better first impressions bring your new opportunities.
  • Anyone can learn how to be a good public speaker.
  • Even the most experienced of speakers have some amount of anxiety in them before they mount the stage

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