Behind The Scenes And Beyond The Glitz of Social Media

July 8, 2019


Dear Everyone,
One thing I keep saying and will continue to say is how social media can easily distort the picture of entrepreneurship. Most of the time, we prefer to share the good stuff rather than our failures and frustrations, because good stuff makes us feel good.

The unfortunate by-product of this is that it creates an incomplete and distorted picture of us. In the eyes of friends and family who follow our journey, we are super awesome rock stars, taking over the world, winning at everything, getting rich fast and never having problems.

However, every entrepreneur knows that this is not the truth. That entrepreneurship is difficult. That there are many ups and downs. One day you’re super excited, and the next day you are trying to figure out what you are doing with your life.

For every one success story we share and celebrate, there are probably a couple of failures you never hear about. For instance, in the last 18 months, I have applied for 19 grants, competitions, awards, etc. Out of that number, I have been a finalist in just 8 of those and won 6. The remaining 11 were painful rejection emails.

Did we talk about them? No! Because it is not pleasant news. And it’s perfectly natural. Next week I will share a couple of my personal startup failure stories, so we can all learn lessons from.

So my point is this, beyond the social media glam and glitz, there’s a lot more going on. Don’t make conclusions based on what you see on social media.

Sometimes we win, other times, we learn.

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  1. Gerald

    I love this post, most of us have not come to realise failure is a default and a major part of the journey to top. Like death, it is inevitable. I encourage you to share more stories on these gray areas. Truth is until we fail we have not tried anything new.


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