Stop Chasing The Hype and Focus on Your Business

May 13, 2019


Dear Entrepreneurs,
Stop following hype and living for vanity metrics. The advent of social media has made it very easy to deliberately or unconsciously project an image of yourself which could be misleading or different from the reality of things. Sometimes, it may not even be your fault. But it helps to be careful nonetheless.

Now let me talk specifically about awards and travelling around the world and the social media hype it creates.

Because of my recent achievements, every single person I run into seems to think I have it all figured out and I am on top of the world. While this is humbling, it is not true. I am still trying to figure things out.

Trust me, I am an advocate for celebrating successes such as receiving awards. I don’t think you need to wait until you have made $10 million before you celebrate. Awards have their place. They can serve as a validation of the efforts you are making. They can be a means to an end and open the door for other opportunities which help you grow your business.

But when you do receive an award, DONT LET IT GET INTO YOUR HEAD. Don’t go chasing after them at the expense of building a sustainable, profitable and impactful business.

Don’t live for the hype. Social media likes don’t bring profit. 1 million downloads don’t bring profits. Being featured on so and so place doesn’t bring profits. Ultimately, as far as your business is concerned, profits and how much impact you are making are the ultimate metrics which matter.

Lastly, entrepreneurship can be an emotional roller-coaster. Don’t feel down because someone on social media seems to have it all while you are struggling. It may only be hype.

Focus on you and your business and put in your best efforts and success will come.

Happy business building!

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  1. Evans Ofori

    Thank you. I think you’ve touched on an important topic. There is a lot to be done and staying focus is one of the keys.

  2. Kwadwo Amoako

    Great article Sesi, keeping a level head amidst the hype is definitely the way to go.
    I haven’t had as many awards, so it will be difficult to relate. However, I think what keeps us grounded as Christians, is knowing that God deserves all the praise, regardless. Not only does it keep us grounded, it also gives us the courage to forge on when things get tough. Your mindset is great. And that’s how great and long lasting business leaders think. Kudos bro. More Vim.


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