2016 in Retrospect and My Goals for 2017

February 1, 2017


Phewww!!!January 2017 is already over and I now have the opportunity to do this. However, better late than never. 2016 came and went like a flash and I am grateful to be in 2017.

In this post I take a look back at 2016 for me and then I share my resolutions and dreams for 2017.

Personal Review

  • I graduated from College.?After four long years I finally graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with a BSc degree in Electrical/Electronic engineering. So glad to be finally free from lectures and exams!
  • I started?Current City.?Current City is my electronics blog where I share tutorials on all the electronics projects and circuits I build. Started this because of many requests I had from my electronics and computer science students.
  • I started National Service.?In September 2016, I started working at UITS, the IT division of my university for National Service. There’s barely anything to do there!
  • I participated in Duapa Challenge.?Late last year I participated in the Duapa Challenge, a competition organized by the British Council. I came third and was very disappointed, but I sure did make a lot of good connections.
  • ?We won Best Pitch for Hacklab 2016.?My Wires & Bytes teammates and I?participated in Hacklab 2016 and won the prize for the Best Pitch. We built and pitched an Errand-as-a-Service application called SomaMe.
  • Became CTO of Nova Agrisystems.?This year I joined?Nova Agrisystems?and became CTO because of my passion for technology applications in the Agric sector.
  • Became a Research Assistant.?I started working as a Research Assistant with one of my lecturers on a power management project.

    Review of My Startups

    I run a number of startups and here is how they fared in 2016.

    Wires & Bytes

    Wires & Bytes?is a software development company I started ?with three other friends. Last year we began the development of our flagship product,?Pasco,?a service which helps college students prepare better for exams. We run a successful pilot in KNUST after developing the beta version of the Android App. At the end of last year we hired 4 interns. 🙂

    Invent Electronics

    Invent Electronics?is a startup I started while in school. We sell electronic components online. Last year we launched a new website and we integrated payment systems into our website so that customers could pay for their orders directly from the website.

    Nova Agrisystems

    Nova Agrisystems?is a multifaceted Agric startup?which I became a part of. Last year, we were finalists in the Anzisha Prize and went to South Africa to pitch our startup. We also tested a prototype of our custom farm monitoring system which will go into mass production this year


    2eweboys.com?is a creative writing blog I started with 3 friends in January 2016. Last year we were voted Best New Blog in the Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards in May. We also published and released our first anthology, Growing Up, in November last year.

    So in all it was a pretty great year for me.


    My 2017 Goals

    I have a ton of goals for 2017. For now I’ll just list a few

  • Increase my productivity and consistency:?This year I find myself involved in a ton of stuff and my startups are beginning to get more demanding now that we are focusing on growth. Sometimes I wish I had 96 hours each day but since I have 24 like everyone else, I am hoping to be able to make the most effective and efficient use of my time. I’d also like to kill my lack of consistency problem.
  • Exponential Growth and more Revenue for my startups. This year I want?all my startups to make no less than 5 figures in revenue. Simple.
  • Get closer to God.?My Christian life is great but I want to it be much better.
  • Visit 3 other countries. Hopefully two of them should be in Africa.
  • Master JavaScript and C++ and learn Python. JavaScript and C++ are my primary languages for front-end development and embedded systems respectively and I’d want to confidently say I have a very good grasp of both languages. I’d also like to add Python so I can code the Raspberry Pi better.
  • Personal Development. Read more, write more, meet more people, build better connections.
  • Spend more time with family and friends and loved ones.
  • So yeah! That?s it! I hope I have an awesome 2017 and I hope in January 2018 when I am writing a review of this year, I have a lot of fun stuff to write.

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  1. Michael Hope

    That’s powerful. I sincerely pray for more Grace and Divine Support coupled with more all necessary essentials to make your resolutions a success. God bless you.
    Called to do more indeed


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