Why I Decided to Start A YouTube Channel

October 9, 2020


As a “self-taught” entrepreneur, one of the major sources of knowledge and entrepreneurship insight on various topics for me has been the internet.

I routinely find myself Googling a concept, opening all the links that appear on the first page of the search results and binge-reading every single article.

Occasionally, I find a book on a subject that is important to me and I go on Amazon to buy the book and read.

Sadly, one observation I have made is that most of the content on entrepreneurship that is widely available online is created by entrepreneurs in the West and intended primarily to other entrepreneurs in the West.

While the content and resources you find on the internet is usually of good quality, there are just too many occasions the content in there simply not contextually relevant for African entrepreneurs and startups. This is because when it comes to the startup ecosystem, a lot of things are very different in Africa.

This means that advice that will work for a startup in the US may not necessarily work for a startup in Africa.

On the other hand, very little of the world’s knowledge on entrepreneurship is created by African entrepreneurs, which is very frustrating to me because I believe there are lots of brilliant African entrepreneurs who have braved many odds to establish their companies and have a lot of valuable insight to share with the new upcoming generation of entrepreneurs.

Which is why I am starting a YouTube channel – to be able to contribute to the pool of entrepreneurship content created by Africans for Africans.

Over the last 7 years I have gained a lot of experience from building 4 startups, some of which have failed and some of which are thriving. While I am not at the top of the ladder yet, I have come a long way and I believe there are a lot of young, upcoming entrepreneurs who will find value in my experiences and the insights I have gained along the way for the own journeys too.

While I have been sharing insights from my entrepreneurship journey on my blog since 2016, I have always shied away from video because I always felt like I wasn’t good enough and I am awkward in front of a camera. However recently I decided to face my fears and take up the challenge of creating video content on entrepreneurship that is relevant from an African context to both educate and inspire the next generation of upcoming entreprenuers.

So, that is it! I call the channel #EntrepreneurWeekly and I will be posting videos every week on entrepreneurship topics that subscribers recommend. I might also do a series where I interview entrepreneurs and get them to share their story or answer specific questions from my audience.

Personally, I am curious about how this is going to go and I hope I am able to create value for my intended audience.

So follow along. Click here to subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification bell so that you can be notified once a new video gets uploaded to the channel.


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