#SesisBusinessLessons3 – Get On LinkedIn

July 12, 2018


If you are an upcoming entrepreneur or professional in any field, you can’t afford to not be on LinkedIn. If you are reading this post on LinkedIn, blessed are you! Personally, I think LinkedIn is very underrated especially among Africans.

Here is the thing: If you are a young entrepreneur, chances are, you didn’t go to school to learn how to become one. You spotted an opportunity, went for it and you’re trying to take it to the next level.

This means that there’s still so much you have to learn about the different skills you need as an entrepreneur to build a successful business: Sales and marketing, finance, team building, logistics, technology, human resource management, etc, These are skills you probably don’t have yet. Which better place is there to find people with all these relevant skills you need than LinkedIn?

With LinkedIn, you can find, connect and build a relationship with experts in diverse areas and learn from their wealth of experience rather than trying to take the long route of figuring everything out on your own.

The founder of one of Ghana’s fastest growing business development companies whom we recently interviewed for The African Entrepreneur Podcast (coming soon) mentioned that he met his board chairman who is the CEO of the Ghanaian subsidiary of a multinational company and several of his investors by connecting with them and building a relationship with them on LinkedIn.

And you know, the great thing about LinkedIn is this; people are willing to help you and share their knowledge for free if you ask; trust me. And usually, this is knowledge that they would charge several hundred dollars per hour to share in a conference or give as a private consultant.

The bottom line is this: that LinkedIn is a gold mine for entrepreneurs and professionals in any field. If you fall into this category and you are not leveraging LinkedIn for personal development and to build social capital, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

So get on LinkedIn now! In the next part of this lesson, I will share some practical things you can do to make the best out of LinkedIn. How has LinkedIn helped you so far?

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