My GrainMate Journey – From Research Project to Impacting Lives

February 11, 2020


Of all the projects I’ve worked on, the one I am most proud of is the #GrainMate Grain Moisture Meter. And this is why.

Generally, we engineers like to build cool stuff. We usually are not thinking of social impact by default.

I built a lot of cool stuff like that back then. But then I joined the Dept. of Agric Eng. at KNUST as a Research Engineer and began working on the project that eventually became GrainMate.

Initially, I wanted to just complete the project and go on with my life. But as we started working, I began to learn about the problems we were trying to solve.

Post-harvest losses, aflatoxins, hunger and poverty and problems that affected people at the bottom of the pyramid at a fundamental level.

It became clear to me how my effort could help solve these problems.

Having been passionate about agric and tech, the promise of being able to do what I love in a way that positively impacted lives of people appealed strongly to me so I decided this project wasn’t going to end as another academic project.

Out of this, Sesi Technologies was born; with the following mission: To lead the way to no poverty and zero hunger in the developing world by empowering farmers and businesses with affordable tech solutions.

GrainMate is our first of many products to come as we look to fulfil that mission.

If you know anyone who grows grains, or buys grains, sells grains, stores grains or is a poultry farmer, tell them about GrainMate.

Tell them that GrainMate is their friend. A good solution to help them reduce losses and increase profits. Learn more about GrainMate at

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  1. Joseph Newton

    As an Agricultural Engineering graduate and a trained agronomist, i was so impressed the first time i came across grainmate. A simple yet critical tool needed in this part of our world by our grain farmers. Thumbs up boss.. I’ll be following you to see your other upcoming projects.

    • Isaac Sesi

      Thanks a lot for your comments and your compliments, Joseph. Keep following the journey.


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