How To Cope If You Are Unemployed During Covid-19

August 11, 2020


This is a guest post by Artur Meyster, founder of Career Karma. Career Karma lets you connect with peers, coaches and mentors to accelerate your technology career.

More than 30 million Americans filed for unemployment by April. And many people don’t know how to cope with the difficult economic situation. Some are even suffering from mental health problems triggered by the pandemic. But you have to keep calm and try to take control. These are the steps you can take to cope if you are unemployed during Covid-19.

Acknowledge Your Grief

Losing your job can bring, to a certain point, a sense of grief. You are probably losing your sense of purpose in life and what makes you motivated to get up in the morning. This could be even worse if your life was full of work-related activities like hanging out with coworkers. So you will probably pass through the stages of grief like when losing someone. 

You may also grieve the loss of a career opportunity you always wanted, the freedom of having a good salary, or the accomplishments the job brought you. Acknowledge the feeling so you can move past it.

Seek Out Resources

Being without a job will probably bring a lot of negative feelings and stress, especially if you have dependents. So, seek out resources that will help you in this moment of need. The government is giving help to people who file for unemployment. It depends on the state, but some governments are giving up to $700 weekly allowances. 

Look to your community for profits that offer assistance for families in need. Many provide financial aid, extra food, and even resources so kids can continue their education. Put your pride on the side and ask for help, many people are going through the same rough patch, and there is no shame in that. 

Manage Your Feelings

Many people enter survival mode after losing their job, adding to all the stress and fear related to the pandemic. Keeping calm can be a challenge. This fight-or-flight response will make your feeling be all over the place, which will cause more emotional turmoil. 

Try to do activities that keep you distracted and active. Staying put with nothing to do would be the worst option for your mental health. Look inside yourself and analyze, accept, and manage your feelings. It will help you keep calm, and it will be easier to take control later. 

Focus On The Present

Covid-19 has changed the world and forced us to change the way we live. This includes our plans for the future. For many, this can bring a whole new set of feelings and issues like anxiety and depression. But this is the moment to change your mindset and focus on the present.  

Take Control Of The Situation

The key to being successful even in times of crisis is resilience. Resilience is the ability to overcome hard situations. Resilient people don’t focus on the things they can’t control; after all, life is hard and full of obstacles. So don’t worry about the things that you cannot change; instead, focus on what you can control. 

In the face of adversity, you can control your attitude, your feeling, and your actions. If you decide to stay at home and mop and moan about your situation, you will never get out of it. Stop making yourself a victim and instead take control of your own life. 

Choose to move, get out, and do everything within your power to make a living again whether that means knocking on doors, learning a new skill with an online course, or even volunteering. Success isn’t a destination, it’s a state of mind. 

Work on Relationships

Another thing you can do while you have free time is to spend time with your family and friends. It is the perfect moment to see that friend that you never see because both of you are always busy. You can spend time with your kids while they are still young and living under your wing. 

You can visit those relatives that you haven’t seen in years and keep inviting you to hang out. Spending time with loved ones will always help you relax with a sense of happiness that is much needed during this time. So take advantage and work on relationships that can give you the support you need.

Maintain a Routine

To keep yourself going is very important to force yourself to maintain a routine. It is easy to lose focus when you don’t have responsibilities like work, so you should take on some commitments. Make a list of goals for this free time and set a list of activities that you can do every day to achieve those goals. 

For example, if you want to get fit during this time, commit to waking up early and working out every day. But hold yourself accountable for your actions. If you want to improve your curriculum and learn a skill like SEO, then dedicate a few hours a day to study. It doesn’t matter what you choose but create a schedule that helps you keep going even in the days that you don’t feel like getting up. 

In Summary

We all are going through hard times; the whole world is. Losing your jobs is just one of the things that happened, but it could have been worse. Stop feeling bad about yourself, change your attitude, and take control of the situation. Keep active and doing activities that will help you maintain your mental and physical health.

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    Well like always , you’ve got the right dose of motivation and inspiring words for us Mr. Sesi
    Thanks for the Tips .
    Would definitely work with them

    • Isaac Sesi

      Thank you for reading!

  2. Pharda

    Hello Mr Isaac, please I want to learn programming.what language should I start with

    • Isaac Sesi

      Depends on what you want to do with it. However as a general rule, i recommend Python as a first programming language to learn.

    • Desmond Selase Aggor

      Covid-19 has really helped a lot of people to rediscover themselves in their various fields. For me although I am not employed but at in school, I’ve used these periods to learn new things which would have taken a longer period of time to learn. Currently, I’m on my 12th course on Coursera and also I’ve been able to create a demo website.
      It’s all about determination

      • Isaac Sesi

        Way to go! Glad you are making very productive use of these times! All the best and I cant wait to see what you create soon.

  3. Kporsu Mathias

    Thanks so much for these comforting words, I’ve been encouraged by them and will share with others as well.
    Many thanks and do have an awesome weekend!

    • Isaac Sesi

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