Customers Recognize Good Customer Service. Don’t Take it For Granted.

April 27, 2018


When we started Invent Electronics, we had one of the most terrible customer services experiences ever. This was partly because I was trying to combine my school work with running a startup and partly because I simply hated answering called from numbers I did not recognize.

Customer Service is one thing that many companies in Ghana take for granted and I decided that we were going to be different.

However, I had limited knowledge about this whole entrepreneurship thing so I did what I do best: read everything I could find. I read dozens of articles every day, took an online course, watched videos, etc.. so I could learn how to create a customer oriented company.

And then we did this three things:

1. We created processes and pipelines to ensure that customers had the best experience right from when the landed on our website to when their order arrived in their hands. I made sure our entire team understood and these processes and followed them; constantly asking for their opinions on how we can make things better and reviewing our processes.

2. We created different channels through which customers could reach out to us. Including a dedicated support line, 8am to 5pm live chat on our website, etc.

3. We hired a dedicated customer support person whose main role is to ensure customers are able to reach us and have all their requests answered.

The results:
Last week we conducted a customer satisfaction survey and we asked our customers to rate our customer service. We had an average score of 4.44 out of 5 with lots of good comments.

When we asked how likely they were to recommend our company to other people we had an average score of 4.75 out of 5.

Customers recognize good customer service. When you make the customer happy, they become ambassadors of your company. A happy customer is the cheapest and most effective marketing campaign ever!

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