5 Powerful Morning Practices That Will Transform Your Life

July 13, 2017


Did you know that your mornings are the most important part of your day? If you get your morning right, the rest of the day is likely to go right.

Most successful people didn’t become great overnight. Among other things, they have developed a set of daily morning practices which they stick to.

You can also position yourself for greatness by building a set of winning habits and doing them every day.

Here are 5 powerful morning practices that will transform your life. Literally!

1. Praying or Meditating

One of the first and best things to do right after you wake up is to pray or meditate.

When you commit your day to God and trust that He will make your day turn out great, it gives you a certain inner joy and happiness. You feel good and your mind is clear.

Jack Dorsey Founder of Twitter says he meditates every morning.

2. Working Out / Exercising

Working out every morning does a lot of magic to your body and your mind. It improves oxygen flow to your brain. You have more energy, you can do more and your mind is clear to tackle the day.

Additionally, working out reduces your stress levels, helps you learn faster and increases your memory capabilities.

Howard Shultz, the Executive Chairman of Starbucks wakes up at 4:30 am every morning and works out. Howard is worth US$3.1billion according to Forbes.

3. Speaking Words of Affirmation To Yourself

Your words carry power. Whatever you say about yourself, whether positive or negative affects your life.

Your words carry power. Whatever you say about yourself affects your life. Share on X

Build a habit of speaking words of affirmation to yourself every morning. Whatever you wish to become, you have to speak it loudly to yourself every single morning.

When things don’t look good speak to yourself. Say your visions out loud. The effect it has on you is wonderful.

Muhammad Ali used to repeat the words “I am the greatest” to himself over and over again, and he became one of the greatest boxers who ever lived.

4. Listening To Motivational Messages

What you feed your mind affects what you become.  Garbage In, Garbage Out.

If you feed your mind with positive, uplifting things, your life becomes positive.  Motivational messages are good for the brain. They charge you up, inspire you and drive you to achieve your dreams.

Look for people who inspire you and listen to them every day. Every morning, I listen to two of my favourite speakers, Gary Vaynerchuk and Terri Savelle Foy.

5. Reading a Book

Reading is another practice that will transform your life if you do it every day.

A study shows that 88% of wealthy people read 30 minutes or more each day for education or career reasons compared to 2% of poor people.

Another study of 1,200 wealthy people found that they all have reading as a pastime in common.

Clearly, winners cultivate a habit of reading. Bill Gates reads 50 books every year. That’s about 1 book every week!

We spend a lot of time in traffic commuting every day. It’s a good time to read a book or listen to an audio book instead of browsing social media.

Do you feel you are too busy to make time for a morning routine? Check out this method I use to stay organised and do more within the day.

Final Thoughts

Successful people have built habits and daily routines which have helped them become who they are today. The importance of a morning routine cannot be overemphasised.

If you want to be successful, I recommend that you start a morning routine now!

What’s your morning routine like? I’d love to hear about it. Let me know what your morning routine is like in the comments section below and let’s have a conversation.

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  1. Obu Raymond

    Insightful and educative, thumbs up @ Isaac Sesi

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    I’m loving this blog. Soo helpful. Thank you very much @ Isaac Sesi :))

  3. Maureen Kyere

    I’m enjoying this blog. Been soooo helpful. Thank you Isaac Sesi. :))

  4. Reuben

    I read my Bible every morning to face the day… Thanks bro am loving it

    • Isaac Sesi

      Great. Keep doing it!

  5. Gyan Emmanuel Kwadwo

    Can this routine be shifted to either afternoon or evening because in the morning you have to rash to work?

    • Isaac Sesi

      Well some of them can. Some of them like the devotion are best done in the morning. I believe if you commit to waking up early enough, you can fit a few things in your morning before work time is due

      • Gyan Emmanuel Kwadwo

        Thank you

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    Very educational. Thank you.

    • Isaac Sesi

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  7. Adjei Kofi

    Praying/meditating is a really good day starter. It Jumpstarts your spirit for a fruitful day. I usually read before bedtime which helps to retain most of the info. It is true: keeping to a routine helps you keep things in check. Nice one Sesi 💪

    • Isaac Sesi



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