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Let’s Turn Your Boring CV Into A 1 Page Masterpiece

Your CV doesn’t have to be long and boring and full of mistakes. It can be short and awesome, focusing on your key achievements rather than your responsibilities. I have help hundreds of young people craft one page CVs which stand out. Whether you are a student or a young professional, for just GHC 100, I can help your CV stand out among the rest too.

First, A Short Story…

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So, I discovered, that I was pretty great at crafting awesome CVs and Cover letters and this is how it happened:

My very good friend reached out to me and was like Sesi, write my CV and cover letter, when I get the job (worth a lot of money per year), I’ll pay you $1000. I took his boring CV and transformed it into a 1-Page masterpiece and wrote for him a cover letter that I wish I had myself. And he was so grateful! All went well!. 

So I asked myself “What if I could help other people transform their boring CVs into  My 1-Page masterpieces too?”

I had already written and shared my FREE 1-Page CV e-book (Which has been downloaded over 5000 times) with people telling me what an awesome resource it has been; but I realized some people would rather have an expert just handle their CV for them.

If that’s you, then FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, I’m happy to lend my expertise to help your CV stand out. For just Ghc100 (USD20), I will take your current CV and transform it into a 1-page masterpiece too which will make you stand out anywhere you submit it!

We will have a 30min video call where I look at what you have, gather all the information I need and get to work. For the first 20 people who sign up, I’m offering this service at a special discounted price of GHC50 (USD 10) after which the price goes back to GHC100.

Over the last year, I’ve reviewed over 200 CVs and I can tell great ones from dreadful ones. If you think your CV is already awesome, that’s fine, but if you prefer that I work my magic for you, go ahead and sign up NOW by clicking the button below.

Your CV doesn’t have to be boring and long and annoying with a million typos.

A CV is one of the most important professional documents you must have, even if you are not looking for a job. When it comes to looking for a job, a great CV can help you stand out among hundreds of other applicants and get you closer to landing your dream job.

Your CV doesn’t have to be a book as well because no one has time to read long CVs. Let me help you.

What You Get

Here’s what you get when you trust me with helping you with your CV.

Strong, Compelling CV

A strong, compelling CV focusing on your achievements in your roles rather than your responsibilities.

Brief & Straight To The Point

A no-nonsense, straight to the point CV which focuses on the most important things and leaves out the unnecessary stuff.

Expert Review

Excellent feedback on what you can do to even strengthen your CV even more to help you stand out better. .

How can you trust what I am saying?

Here it from some of the people I have helped.


Computer Science Graduate, KNUST

“I had an OK CV by my standards, but then I thought it could be better so I reached out to Sesi and he turned my OK CV into an amazing CV in just a few hours. My friend’s liked it and many of them even copied it! I recommend Isaac to take a look at your CV. You won’t be disappointed”

So What Are You Waiting For?

If you prefer to talk with me first for more inquiries, then click here to send me a WhatsApp message.

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