Business Consultancy

I understand that building a business is can be difficult and I want to help you. I feel honoured that you are even on this page. Even if it is out of curiosity.

One of my passions is to help young people succeed with their businesses.  I have helped other people start their own businesses and I can help you too.

What You Can Expect

Here’s what you can expect from me if you hire me:

  1. I will help you identify your passions, interest and skills if you do not know them already.
  2. I will brainstorm with you to hep you identify good business ideas and opportunities you can turn into your dream business.
  3. I will help you develop a business model around your idea.
  4. I will help you validate your core assumptions and test the feasibility of your idea.
  5. I will help you identify your customer and their pain points and missed opportunities.
  6. I will help you craft a value proposition which addresses the needs of your customer.
  7. I will guide you to build or launch a minimum viable product.
  8. I will help you identify avenues to raise money for your new business.
  9. I will help you identify the best revenue streams for your new business.
  10. I will create an online identity for your business.
  11. I will show you the right tools you need to run your all the different aspects of your business, such as operations, management and accounting.
  12. I will show you the right tools you need to grow your business.
  13. I will help you identify and avoid mistakes that can kill your business.
  14. I will point you to several resources that will help you hone your business skills and become a better entrepreneur.

Why I Can Help You

I currently run 3 growing businesses. I founded my first real company, Invent Electronics while in my 3rd year in the University with NO MONEY. I grew it from zero revenue in 2015 to a 5 figure company as at May 2017 with revenues set to hit 6 figures by the end of 2017.

In the process, I have won several awards. I was listed by TheStartupNetwork as one of the Top 100 student entrepreneurs in Ghana. I was also listed on the 2016 New Accra Achievers Report as One of the 30 Ghanaians About To  Shake The World.

I co-founded my second company Wires & Bytes  in 2016 with 3 other friends. In March 2017, our first product, Pasco won the gold prize in the MTN Apps Challenge, version 4.0 for the Freelance education category.

My third company, 2EB Media runs two of the most visited creative writing websites and satire news sites in Ghana, and respectively. won the Best New Blog award in the 2016 Ghana Blogging And Social Media Awards.

I have received several honourable mentions in media too.

Airtel Ghana featured me as one of their STEM Champions.

Threesixtygh featured me as one of the Young Ghanaians Setting The Pace in their entrepreneurship column.

Over the years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in building and growing businesses and I can help you too.

Book Me For 1 Hour Free

On Tuesday’s, Thursdays and Fridays, I offer 1 hour of free Business Consultation from 5pm to 6pm GMT.

If you have an idea and you want me to help you figure out your business model and how to go about things, you can book one of my free sessions below and let me help you.

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If you can’t find an available time on my booking calendar, or you want more in-depth consultancy, you can book me for Premium consultancy at a fee.

Start the conversation below.

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