Let’s Work Together to Build Your Dream Business

Very few things make me more fulfilled than being able to help young people passionate about building their dream businesses to do so.

My awesome team and business development partners at Orios Capital and GCEEI have helped many young entrepreneurs and startups transform their ideas into thriving businesses and build the skills needed to grow their businesses.  We can help you too.

Are you one of the following?….

Looking for Ideas

You have a burning desire to start a business and begin the journey to being your own boss but you have no idea what business you want to do and what will even work for you. 

Hungry for More Knowledge

You have started something on your own. It’s going okay so far but you feel like there so much more you need to know so you want to acquire the right skills and knowledge as a young entrepreneur to nurture your growing startup into an accomplished business.

Got an Awesome Idea

You have an idea you are crazy about. You believe it could be the next big thing and you really want to turn it into a business but you don’t know where to start. 

Ready to Scale

You have all the basics right and have successfully validated your business model. You have paying customers and everything is going great but you want to raise funding so you can grow and expand your business.

If you fall in any of the above, then you’re in safe hands now.

I believe that every client’s problem is unique and requires a unique approach to solving it. When you come to us, my partners and I carefully analyze your problem and we tailor a unique solution to your specific needs.

Check out all of the many ways my awesome partners and I can turn you into a kickass entrepreneur and help you take your dream business to the top.

Idea Validation

We can help figure you figure out if your idea is a potentially good business opportunity and if it is worth pursuing.

Business Validation

If your business is between 1 and 2 years, we can help you figure out a good business model and validate for value proposition.

Business Training

Our exclusive 6-week business training course will transform you from an average entrepreneur to a highly knowledgeable one, giving you the skills you need to nurture your growing business into a world class one.

Business Formation

We can help you with everything you need to officially get your business set up,  legally registered and off the ground.

Business Scaling

If your business is above 3 years and already established and you are looking to raise funds and scale, we can help you become investment ready.

Digital Marketing

We can help you reach more people online with your products and services through our digital marketing services. 

How can you trust what I am saying?

When I say we can help you, I mean it. My team is made up of some really awesome people who aside from their expertise and competencies, are entrepreneurs at heart passionate about seeing other entrepreneurs succeed. Individually, we have been successful at what we do and have helped clients become successful too. Among us, we have over 25 years of collective experience building companies.

Meet the team

Kimberly Ofori

Founder & Director –  Ofori Inc;  Founder – Apreneur Network 

Kim is a serial entrepreneur and business consultant. She is the managing Director at Ofori Inc. overseeing and managing a diverse group of companies operating under the Ofori Inc. umbrella providing a diverse range of services for customers worldwide. She is the founder of Apreneur Network, an African social network for entrepreneurs.

 Kim specializes in taking enterprises, brands and startup ideas to higher heights using new and creative solutions that work and bring results. She uses her 360 degree business knowledge to write out business strategy and mobilises teams to get on track to reach their set goals as and trains them to work at their full potential. 

Kim is  a senior consultant for Adecco, a multinational Fortune 500 company and has worked with other large multinationals in Dubai and the Netherlands including GulfTalent, ABN AMRO Bank, RaboBank, Delta Lloya and Yarden.

Key Strengths:  Business Administration, Business Development, E-commerce, Insurance, change management, Agile work Management, Team culture, Strategic self development planning

John Armah

Co-Founder & CEO, Orios Group

John is an Award-winning Entrepreneur, Consultant and Business Strategist with a passion for Startups Development and Growth in Africa.  John is the C.E.O. of the Orios Group with three Subsidiaries namely GCEEI And Orios Capital focused on Business Advisory and Training, and Orios Capital  in Ghana. Orios Capital has helped several startups raised hundred of thousands of dollars while GCEEI has trained over 6,000 entrepreneurs across Ghana.

John has been named as part of Forbes 30 Under 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa (2016), 20 under 40 Most Influential Business Leaders in Ghana by award-winning Business World Magazine and voted the 12th Most Influential Young Ghanaian (2016).

John consults for Governments, Private Sector, Donor Partners, Institutions on Business Development, Startup Ecosystem Development and Entrepreneurship, as well as Business Strategy, Youth Initiatives and Policies affecting Youth on the continent. 

Key Strengths:  Entrepreneurship and Startups Development, Business strategy, Corporate structures, business leadership, management auditing, marketing, sales, investments, 

Isaac Sesi

Co-Founder – Sesi Technologies & Invent Electronics 

I am an award winning entrepreneur, engineer, software developer and a business consultant. I founded my first company, Invent Electronics while a 2nd year university student and grew it from zero revenue to a 6-figure company within 2 years. My 2nd company, Sesi Technologies, is a leading Agric technology company in Ghana.

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs like who like me are trying to start from ground zero. I help them validate their ideas, figure out a business model and get started; empowering them with the online tools they need and I have shared this knowledge in dozens of places speaking on a wide range of subjects related to entrepreneurship  and building businesses.

Key Strengths: Innovation, Ideation, Lean startup methodologies, Lean Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Digital marketing, Web & software development, Embedded systems, Product Development, Team Management, Hardware products, e-commerce, SaaS

So What Are You Waiting For?

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