For the 3 years that I have been writing and running my website (as my hobby), my focus has been to share my insights, experiences, and knowledge that I gain along my entrepreneurship journey with young upcoming African entrepreneurs; adding a touch of personal development along the way.

With that goal in mind, I have shared a lot of resources for free and taken the time to assist many people who need help in one way or another; from helping them write and review their CV to listening to and helping them refine their business ideas and more.

With time, I am beginning to realize that a lot more people need my help in some of the areas I have gradually built expertise in. It is with this in mind that I am happy to introduce four new ways I can work with you during my free time (when I am not at work building technology for farmers at Sesi Technologies) to achieve your professional and business goals.

My New Services

1. My Professional 1-Page CV Design Services where I turn your current boring CV into a 1-page masterpiece to help you stand out among the crowd anywhere you submit your CV

2. Professional Idea Validation & Business Modelling where I help you validate and refine your business idea by walking you through the 9 building blocks of any business using the business model canvas. After which I’ll create a 1-page business plan for your idea that you can use to get started.

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3. My Professional 1-Page Business Website Design Services where I help your business to be noticed by designing a responsive, 1-page business website for you to showcase what you do to the world and make it easy for people to contact you.

4. My Digital Business Tools Growth Service where I help you leverage the power of online digital tools by auditing your business operations and identifying which tools can help you grow and increase productivity. Then I help you integrate those tools with your business.

While I don’t mind providing these services for free (as I have done countless times in the past), it is not a sustainable way to keep this website running. I have to pay for a domain, hosting and the paid online tools I use. I also want to be able to adequately compensate the small team I have put together who help me run this website and handle other administrative stuff.

The cost of any of my services is actually many times less than the value you get. As usual, I will keep providing resources for free through my posts and also on the resources page. However, if you need any of the services don’t hesitate to go ahead and book me.

Learn more about these services here.

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I can’t wait to work with you to help you achieve your professional and business goals.